Oleg Martsinkivsky - a singer,composer. In his creative activity there is the world and ukranian classics,folk and modern songs,own compositions. Oleg was born in the family of singers in Poltava. After finishing school he entered Poltava Musical School V.Openika vocal class and then G.Karchevska class.He continued his education at Kishinev Conservatory at A.Azrikan,G.Bashtan and F.Anikeyev. As well he studied composition.After graduating from the conservatory he worked as a soloist of the variety and symphony orchestra of Moldova Radio and TV.

In 1980 in Ternopil region he organized a folk ensemble "Medobory" which very quickly became popular in Ukraine and abroad. Currently Oleg appears with the solo programs.He is much on tour in Ukraine and abroad. Repeatdly he participates in the International festivals and creative conferences in Canada, Germany,Great Britain,USA,France,Lithuania,Russia.

After a nuclear reactor accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Oleg carried out more than 500 creative meetings and concerts in the disaster zone.For his fruitful work he was awarded the Honorary Token of the Ministry of Culture and got the status of a liquidator of the Chernobyl accident.

In 1996 by the President of Ukraine Decree he was given the honorary rank "Honoured Artist of Ukraine". Oleg Martsinkivsky is one of not many in Ukraine who writes for children. In 2007 he took part in the foundation of the International Contest-Festival of the Children and Youth Creation

"We all are your children,Ukraine!" with the participation of the talented ukrainian young people from all over the world and the representatives of national minorities who live in Ukraine. Oleg Martsinkivsky is the Head of the Jury and member of the Executive Board of the International Festival which is going to be held annually with the aim of state support of the creative youth.

In 2008 there was a presentation of next in turn CD-R "My melodies". His compositions are included in the methodical text-book "Learn Ukraine" which is recommended by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for studying at Saturday and Sunday Schools by the ukranians in foreign countries.

The singer's charitable activity among socially undefended strata of the population of Ukraine - disabled persons,lonely pensioners,large families,minors,veterans of war and labour is worthy of peculiar attention. 

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